Like to meet new people? Ever eat and talk at the same time? Then Cincinnati E.A.T.S. (Epicureans About Town Society) is for you. Cincinnati E.A.T.S. is a brand new organization dedicated to supporting Cincinnati's great local, independent restaurants by having fun and eating a lot of great food. Still with me? Cincinnati E.A.T.S. will expose a new, younger clientele to the best restaurants in the region via a discounted three-course, fixed-price meal every couple of months. The goal is to take over an entire restaurant on an "off" night for a night of food, cocktails, and socializing. But don't plan on making reservations for your friends to sit together at a table. Seating will be open and we will all eat together at the same time so you're guaranteed to meet someone new.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lavomatic Event Menu

Cold cucumber soup with dill

Entree (Choice of):
Amish chicken with zucchini, kalamata olives, and house-made harissa

Warm farro with carrot, asparagus, and citrus (Vegan)

Pistachio pavlova with rhubarb and strawberries


stepfanie said...

Sounds delicious!
I had the cucumber soup on Monday (along with a havarti and caramelized onions grilled cheese). It was fabulous -- the perfect starter to our rooftop meal.

valereee said...

Wish I could make it! We're out of town from later today until the end of June, but I've got Cincinnati EATS in my blog readers so I'll be looking forward to the July event!


liberal foodie said...

a great way to raise money, unfortunately this was badly planned and executed. I am not a harsh critic of restaurants however when Jean Robert has his name on something, I expect more than okay food for the high price!

The location and interior of Lavomatic are great, it had a lot of potential but missed the mark on many other fronts. We wanted wine pairings with our food, that was a unrecognizable concept for the staff. The bartender was rude and slow in service. If the event expected so many guests, you should have planned for additional personnel help.

The food was terrible. According to our server the soup was simple to make- yogurt, cucumber and dill. Are you kidding me? If that's all it took, I could've made a better version at home. Chicken was bland (no salt or pepper) and uncooked. Some people at my table got the vegetarian option, which was enough food to feed a child. The flavors didn't blend well because orange zest was overpowering. Dessert had great presentation, tasted okay. The best part about the food, bread and butter!

I am not quiet sure if I'll come back to the restaurant or attend a Cincinnati Eats event. For now, probably not.....

stepfanie said...

Read more about the debut event at! It was a smash success!

stepfanie said...
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